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Search engine optimization, search engine marketing (SEO/SEM)

Why search engine optimization is so important nowadays

Many entrepreneurs, reaching from the hairdresser around the corner to the local–oriented craft business, are convinced that customers make their purchase decision only on the basis of word-of-mouth advertising (bouche à oreille).

Well, they are mistaking.

Only those who get found on the net, do exist!

The Webbers want to move to a new town. Now they have to tie new contacts for every aspect of their lives. That means a new school for the kids, a new doctor, and a new regular restaurant. So where to look? Back in the days, one used to pick up a local phonebook. Nowadays we google. It is so easy. One can just type the desired keyword in the search bar and get a multitude of relevant results. But how does this affect a business in practice?

Compare online – buy offline

Look at your website as a large shop window. Not a good place to have last year’s offers and old dusty references lying around. Back to the example: Just like the Webbers’, there are approx. 55 million people in Germany who use the internet on a regular basis. The rate of users over the age of 60 is growing disproportionately high. And this group has a strong spending capacity. About half of the citizens are already buying online today. Even more people go look for information online before purchasing a product or a service.

How can my business be visible in Google?

There are two ways to achieve this:

Organic search

The first way is to get found in the organic search (the big column on the left). A search engine optimized (SEO) website is needed for this. A multitude of factors have to be considered, concerning the website, the structure and the contents.

Paid ads: Google AdWords

This is the fastest and most direct way to bring interested users to your website. Paid ads, so-called Adwords, are displayed in the right column of the Google page.

What is better?

Both ways have advantages and disadvantages and influence one another. We gladly advise you in detail and help you find out the most constructive solution.


Online shops

Individual ecommerce solutions

From the initial idea over the conception to the realization: we develop perfectly fitting web shops for small and middle-sized businesses in the Greater Region.

Secure. Customer oriented. These are the most important requirements of a modern online shop. We program web shops for businesses in Luxembourg and Germany, among other things.

To reach medium-term success, we develop a concept that goes way beyond the go-live. The only way to be successful in the online distribution growth market for a long period of time is to build up a serious marketing plan for the shop.

Summary of web shop services:

  • Conception: Concretion of ideas
  • Screen design: Creation of target audience oriented layouts for the home page and landing pages.
  • Realization: Implementation of the online shop with appropriate software (e.g. Magento or E-Pages).
  • Search engines marketing // SEM: The initial ignition of your market entry: generate sales faster and cheaper through our experience with Google AdWords.
  • Search engines optimization // SEO: Permanently on top of search engine results: Do not leave the ranking of your shop to chance. Strategic approach of search engine optimization leads to sustainable growth of user numbers, conversion rates and sales.
  • Newsletter systems: Increase customer retention on a sustainable basis through goal-oriented newsletter marketing.